Retrofit My Period Property

Retrofit My Period Property
A Period Wiltshire Home

Case Study: Making a Period Property Warmer

We all know the facts. Our homes need to be warmer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. But what about the millions of pre war housing that leaks energy like a seive?

Is there a time where even the most iconic old buildings could be snug, and good for the planet too, as well as looking great?

We need to start with basics first.

Wiltshire: A Tradition of Building

Wiltshire has a lot going for it. Stonehenge and Avebury demonstrate the county has been a centre for the worship of the elements for, well, quite some time.

Stonehenge: Elemental Worship

It has examples of unique engineering with tiered locks at Caen, a railway hub in Swindon that pioneered manufacturing transport equipment for the Great Western Railway.

More recently the The National Self Build & Renovation Centre has taken up residency off Junction 16 opposite Royal Wootton Bassett. A great place to see over 200 exhibitors who can help refurbish your home.

But it's not where we found this magic. It was deep in the Wiltshire countryside. Whilst researching retrofit and it's application to the millions of period property that needs urgent improving, we found Greg.

He runs Sash Windows and General Carpentry in a large workshop near Devizes. His team use a mixture of different glazing solutions to solve a problem which many homeowners have. Adopting modern glazing techniques to their historic houses.

Let's get very specific here, we're not talking stately homes here (although apparently Greg does those) but run of the mill pre war houses, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, even cottages from the mid century.

The case has already been made that historic home retrofit could generate £35Bn of economic output but what about the by product of hundreds of carpenters and glazers working in hand to replace windows not with UpVC but bio materials like wood?

There is a misconception that you must leap into getting your ground source heat pump and solar fitted, when often, cutting the energy leaking from your home can be a thrilling, life changing step.

So you can now watch, that story.

What does this film show us, that getting the basics right can have a significant effect on the feel of your house. Retrofit specialists will always want to know the numbers but plugging some leaks and getting windows right - is all it takes to make a material difference to someones's life.

We are looking for further examples of case studies like this with over 25 case study stories scheduled for 2024.

If you have a story the contact our editor Matt directly and let us know.