Hemp - What's Holding It Back?

Hemp - What's Holding It Back?
Photo by David Gabrić / Unsplash

With the urgent need to decarbonise the construction sector, looking at our materials and what we use is a great starting point.

Hemp has been very much on people's lips for years, but not for the reasons it could be.

Imagine a world where UK based crops contribute to a bio-based building solution that decarbonises construction on time for our 2050 net zero targets.

Hempcrete and hemp insulation form a valuable resource and have been proven with work from the teams at UK Hempcrete and IndiNature that there is a building community who are keen to adopt the products.

We spoke to Jamie Bartley at Unyte Group about the huge efforts that are underway to industrialise the nascent hemp industry here in the UK.

After that filming session we got out team to pool some of the facts and figures about hemp into our very own opinion piece.

We've secured some great access to other bio based building products and we'll be bringing you those stories very soon.

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