Time For A Sign

Time For A Sign
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

When you went on a scout trip. A time ago. You'd get these kinda people who had like.


Seen some stuff. We're talking. Lived.

They were ex Hungarian communist youth workers (red scarfs, we love them), probably survived the holocaust, fought in some wars.

Worked in the Peace Corp. Eventually, they landed in Britain.

They relished backwoods cooking. And they loved the British kite mark. Specifically, the arrow, the Quartermaster mark, on a mess tin, a torch, a compass.

It was recognisable. British. Trusted.

And now they were doing accounting in Surrey.

How Do I Know?

So to the here and now.

We have a situation where there are 180+ different courses to be a retrofit expert. The government funded hub, that is supposed to be helping us fight the next war.

Climate crisis.

They tell us a message that they are working on activities that

"brings together all those involved in the retrofit sector to share their expertise and work together to enable a National Retrofit Strategy to be delivered."

But. It's a bit delayed.

In fact, of this moment in time, you can access their work. But you have to find them, their website, then download the Excel document.

THEN. You can work out how you, as an electrician, gas engineer, builder, architect, surveyor what you can do to get qualified to be a retrofit expert.

This isn't going to work.

We need a search engine optimised, power house of a list, easily accessible that is being pushed on every frizzing website available and socials too.

This magazine, will be doing that ourselves. Faster, and better. But that's not what's important.

We need a brand, a logo. A recognisable. If it's got that on it, I know it's right symbol.

Somewhere. Out there.

Is a powerful person who will recognise.

If you want to make retrofit credible, then we need a bat signal.

PAT, ISO, EE fudgin initials aren't good enough. Give us a sign. Now.