Now UKREiiF Save Us

Now UKREiiF Save Us
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

Power is Here: Why this might be a change

This conference is full of "change makers". I hope they lay off the beer and do some change.

The conference in Leeds known as UKREiif is a newly concocted mass of investors and civil servants who need some vavavoom.

Pious virtue signalling is not a good sell. In the midst of this smorgasbord of back slapping professionals trying to engage with retrofit and refurbishment is super heroes.

Genuinely hard core sustainable activists.

There's too many commercial buildings that aren't switching their lights off (easy option) out there but getting your building stock energy efficient would be step which us all towards encouraging a better future. Is anyone serious?

Grosvenor are a group who got their act together before everyone else. The first building to achieve NABERS UK rating in Leeds was good. But it was not good enough. And they knew it..

They are working towards getting their historic buildings up to speed and have been active in upselling the economic benefit of retrofitting historic buildings.

They are good people.

However there is a bit of blot in some arguments being relayed in the conference. Some buildings which are due for demolition are probably not able to be saved.

So will we be able to stop bashing demolition? Who will start setting the benchmarks for what should and shouldn't be saved?

The range of talks is outstanding. The truth is, if you analyse the content and talks available many are geared toward retrofit and refurbishment ideals, which makes us soooo happy.

We only have a small window now to stop the planet boiling. Honestly. The team here at the conference are on board, lets listen to what they are doing.

But, if we have another oil company sponsor. Kill me.