Change: What Needs To Be Done

Change:  What Needs To Be Done
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This magazine is fragile enterprise being bootstrapped from the bottom up. We're apolitical. We also offer scrutiny to those in the refurbishment and retrofit sector of organisations and companies who are providing solutions to meet Net Zero.

We are not looking to make enemies, but we will.

We urge you and implore you to think of the common ground you have with anyone who seeks to resolve the climate crisis.

On reflection, what has happened now, this last few days, is a change. But let's maintain touch with reality and what has happened, and needs to happen.

To give parity to the losers in the results, they were the architects of creating the Department of Energy and Net Zero in 2023. They were the incumbent party who made the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund work it's way through to legislative success.

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For parity there were failures. But moving on, the retrofit and refurbishment sector is a massive, growing and influential part of the next steps for our future.

The National Retrofit Hub is a testament to the will of so many people organisations and companies who want to participate in revolutionising one of the largest carbon costs to our country.

So however it happens, the work of those teams, the working groups should. At speed. Become legislative levers to make change happen.

The industry reps that represent heat pumps, insulation, windows, solar, and every sector combating the climate crisis need help, and governmental support.

There are low hanging fruit, easy wins for a new government.

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Remove planning restrictions that prevent future proofing listed buildings. Invest in the retrofit assessor community. Raise or at least publicise grants for heat pumps. Remove VAT on retrofit materials and products. Eliminate restrictions and licensing on hemp.

But the sum total of what we are invested in is. Fix peoples homes. Fix peoples workplaces.

It's been a tumultuous few days, but let's pull together and get some stuff done.